Fascial Blasting FAQs:

  1. How long do you Fasciablast each area?
3-5 minutes
  1. How hard do you rub the blaster?
It hurts at first! But don’t worry it gets easier! From 1-10 your pain level should be NO MORE than a 7.
  1. How often are you supposed to use it?
This varies also. If you have one or more specific trouble areas, we suggest you FasciaBlast that same area every 3 or so days, whenever the pain associated with bruising goes away. If you are not experiencing bruising, you can FasciaBlast it every day or every other day (up to 10 minutes per zone)
  1. How long should I wait after bruising?
Wait until any pain associated with the bruising goes away. Do NOT blast over any sore/inflamed/very bruised areas! Let those spots heal – you can always blast any other area in the meantime!
  1. I have a lot of spider veins; can it cause more?
Usually spider veins get better! Go slow & see how your body reacts. The FasciaBlaster® provides an overall full body loosening, allowing blood to flow freely, maximizing our cardiovascular output and also breaks up peripheral arteries!
  1. Should the muscle be taut or relaxed?
    If you contract your muscles, you’ll be breaking up fat! If your muscle is relaxed, you’ll be breaking up fascial adhesions. You can do both in the same session.  If you wanna break down fat AND get rid of cellulite (break up adhesions) then first RELAX the muscle for 3-5 min of blasting and THEN contract for @ 5 minutes in that same zone!
7. When I was a massage therapist, I was taught to only rotate clockwise on the stomach otherwise you can cause digestion issues. Is that what you do?
The FasciaBlaster® is loosening fascia and not digging into your intestines, so the direction doesn’t matter.
  1. How soon will you start to see results?
You will see and FEEL some results immediately! The REAL results will come in 30-60 days!
  1. Once I achieve results, what’s the maintenance program?
Fascia becomes distorted and adhered due to a multitude of factors such as alignment, diet, stress, overuse etc. You can FasciaBlast various parts of your body for up to 10 minutes/day. Some just use it 3-5 times/week for maintenance – it really depends on YOU!
  1. How do I use the FasciaBlaster®?
Use on bare skin with oil, rubbing briskly between the skin & muscle. Remember that the body and the fascia LOVE heat because it increases the circulation and also puts the fascia in a more “jello-like” state. So get in the sauna or a hot bath/shower for better results!
  1. What oil should I use?
We use an organic virgin coconut oil. You must use oil to take your results to the NEXT LEVEL!!!
Any type of avocado/grapefruit/baby/massage oil will work (make sure you’re not allergic!).
  1. Why is healthy fascia important?
Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body affecting EVERYTHING we do!.
13. Do I have to use heat?
The FascialBlaster is most effective when the skin is warm. Try cardio, sauna, bath, steam shower, hot yoga, or hot packs for best results!
  1. Where can I use the FasciaBlaster®?
EVERYWHERE! The FasciaBlaster® is specially designed for consumers to reach EVERY area of their body:
  1. Should I use the FasciaBlaster® & the Foam Roller?
The foam roller is for muscles and the FasciaBlaster® is for fascia.the two can work together!
  1. Why does the FasciaBlaster® make me look leaner?
The FasciaBlaster® breaks up fascial adhesions which reduces swelling & inflammation & allows the fascia to lay flat and smooth.  It can also lyse fat cells. (like popping a balloon!!).
  1. Does the FasciaBlaster® cause bruising?
As fascial adhesions release, blood flow will be re-established, causing the appearance of bruises. This is part of the healing process. You have total control over how hard to blast & should go at your own comfort level.
  1. Does this work on scars (C section/scar tissue)?
YES! If you have scars on your hip, knee, C section, ankle, shoulders – ANYWHERE – Fascial blasting right over the scar (hurts so good!) releases that “pulling” that can twist you out of alignment! You can go in the direction of the scar, or cross fiber (side to side), or use one little claw to dig out the painful part
19. What should I expect?
  • It HURTS at first! Once your fascia is restored it will feel AWESOME!! Make sure to get in the sauna or a hot shower/bath for best results!
  • BRUISES! Totally normal and part of the process!
  • SOMETIMES you’ll feel dizzy, nauseous and like you have a mild cold/flu. This is part of the initial detox process! It doesn’t happen to everyone, but don’t freak out! Drink a LOT of water and rest and it should pass in a few hours!
  • The next day you’ll probably be sore (good sore 😉 like a post workout sore). You may feel tingly from enhanced blood flow.
You’ll soon feel more ENERGIZED with better muscle performance recovery, smoother/healthier skin and a body that functions at 100%! The list of benefits are ENDLESS!!