Our Approach

Bend Blasters is a group of practitioners that have a clinical focus in fascia blasting. Dr. Allyson and Dr. Overland are understanding about your health needs. We know that some health symptoms are sensitive to talk about and we aim to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible.  You can call us, text us, chat with us online or send us an email. All  inquirers are responded to immediately or within 24 hours.  Dr. Allyson and Dr. Overland want to make your experience in fascia blasting a pleasant one. We are happy to educate you on how fascia blasting works and why this is a good option for your overall health.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning thought, and a following structure, into which the ideas flow, develop and evolve. With our combined medical experience we are excited to offer fascia blasting for increased health and vitality.

Meet the Team


Dr. Sharyn Allyson, L.Ac. DAOM

Dr Sharyn Allyson LAc DAOM holds a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Dr Allyson has seen an increasing need for fascia restoration in her clinic to relieve pain conditions in turn weight loss and cellulite reduction may be a result.  Fascia blasting is an other term for gua sha in Chinese Medicine bringing qi and blood to areas of the body promoting the smooth flow of qi and body fluids.

Dr Allyson is from Australia and spent two years in China prior to completing her education here in Oregon. She has a passion for staying updated with the current science and studies of new therapies.

Dr Allyson like to adventure through life and generally can not be seen without her jeep and fluffy dog!!

If you have any acupuncture, oriental medicine of fascia blasting questions or concerns, please feel to contact her at

503-475-3939 of visit us at Bendblasters.com for more information.


Dr. Vencil Overland, D.C.

Dr. Vencil Overland, D.C. has been a licensed doctor of chiropractic in the state of Oregon for the last 11 years and has been in solo practice for over 25 years.  He has a thorough knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal anatomy and easily relates that knowledge with his clients.

Dr. Overland has been working with connective tissue concerns for many years as he has seen how tight and dense underlying connective tissue has a dramatic effect on a persons body creating joint disorders, muscular aches and pains and general malaise in a person that restricts them from daily living activities.

In a collaboration with Dr. Sharyn Allyson LAc DAOM, Bend Blasters was formed with the  idea of bringing fascia blasting to Bend Oregon in order to help those in need of reducing and alleviating their concerns with dense connective tissue which may show up as pain, limited range of motion, fluid retention and cellulite.

Dr. Overland is an avid outdoor enthusiast working as a professional ski instructor in the winter and in the summer, kayaks, boards and fishes the local rivers and lakes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fascia blasting, chiropratic or any other general health concerns, please feel free to Dr. Overland at 503-475-3939 or visit the website at Bendblasters.com.